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Key Publications

Mardinoglu A, Björnson E, Zhang C, Klevstig M, Ståhlman M, Adiels M, Hakkarainen A, Lundblom N, Kilicarslan M, Hallström BM, Lundbom J, Barrett PHR, Watts GF, Serlie M, Uhlén M, Nielsen J, Smith U, Marschall HU, Taskinen MR, Borén J.
Personalized genome-scale modeling identifies NAD+ and glutathione metabolism as a target for treatment of NAFLD.
Mol Syst Biol. 13(3):916. (2017)

Lee S, Zhang C, Kilicarslan M, Piening BD, Bjornson E, Hallström BM, Groen Ak, Ferrannini E, Laakso M, Snyder M, Blüher M, Uhlén M, Nielsen J, Smith U, Serlie M, Borén J, Mardinoglu A.
Integrated network analysis reveals an association between plasma mannose levels and insulin resistance and secretion.
Cell Metabol. 24(1):172-84 (2016)

Borén J, Watts GF, Adiels M, Söderlund S, Chan D, Hakkarainen A, Lundbom N, Matikainen N, Kahri J, Vergès B, Barrett PH, Taskinen MR.
Kinetic and related determinants of plasma triglyceride concentration in abdominal obesity: a multicenter tracer kinetic study.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 35(10):2218-24. (2015)

Levin MC, Jirholt P, Wramstedt A, Johansson ME, Gustafsson Trajkovska M, Lundberg A, Ståhlman M, Fogelstrand P, Brisslert M, Fogelstrand L, Yan ZQ, Hansson G, Björkbacka H, Olofsson SO and Borén J.
Rip2 deficiency leads to increased atherosclerosis despite decreased inflammation.
Circ Res. 109:1210-8. (2011)

Perman J, Boström P. Lindbom M, Ståhlman M, Hägg D, Lindskog H, Mattsson Hultén L, Jeppsson A, Petursson P, Herlitz J, Olivecrona G, Strickland DK, Ekroos K, Olofsson S-O, Borén J.
The VLDL Receptor Promotes Lipotoxicity and Increases Mortality in Mice Following an Acute Myocardial Infarction.
J Clin Invest. 121:2625-40. (2011)

Boström P, Rutberg M, Andersson L, Perman J, Lindberg U, Johansson BR, Fernades-Rodriges J, Ericsson J, Nilsson T, Borén J, Olofsson S-O.
SNARE proteins mediates the fusion between cytosolic lipid droplets with implications for insulin sensitivity.
Nat Cell Biol. 9:1286–93 (2007)

Gustafsson M, Levin M, Skålén K, Perman J, Fridén V, Jirholt P, Olofsson, SO, Fazio S, Linton MF, Semenkovich CF, Olivecrona G, Borén J.
Retention of LDL in Atherosclerotic Lesions of the Mouse: Evidence for a Role of Lipoprotein Lipase.
Circ Res. 101:777–83. (2007)

Skålen K, Gustafsson M, Rydberg EK, Hulten L.M, Wiklund O, Innerarity TL, Borén J.
Subendothelial retention of atherogenic lipoproteins in early atherosclerosis.
Nature. 417:750-754 (2002)

Borén J, Olin K, Lee I, Chait A, Wight T.N, Innerarity TL.
Identification of the principal proteoglycan binding site in LDL: A single point mutation in apolipoprotein B100 severely affects proteoglycan interaction without affecting LDL receptor binding.
J Clin Invest. 101:2658–2664. (1998)

Borén J, Lee I, Zhu W, Arnold K, Taylor S, Innerarity TL.
Identification of the LDL Receptor Binding Site in apolipoprotein B100 and the modulation of its binding activity by the carboxyl terminus in familial defective apo-B100.
J Clin Invest. 101:1084–1093. (1998)

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